iPhone cardán | Cuál es la mejor cardán para iPhone?

La elección de la mejor Gimble para iPhone es una tarea difícil para muchos usuarios. Esto es particularmente debido a la disponibilidad de un gran número de productos y las diferentes funciones que poseen. Con eso dicho, we present this review for the benefit of our readers. Asi que, si usted está buscando para el best iPhone gimbal, this is a must-read review for you.

Who should have an iPhone gimbal?

Thanks to the advancements of technology, modern smartphones come with highly sophisticated cameras. With the assistance of these cameras, even a novice can produce professional level videos. To make the best use of these cameras, sin embargo, you must find a way to stabilize it. De otra manera, the videos will be shaky as you cannot practically stabilize a smartphone with bare hands. This is when an accessory like gimbal comes to play.

De hecho, an iPhone gimbal is a very affordable yet highly effective alternative to tripods or dollies. Técnicamente, a gimbal is a suspension that has the pivoting ability to stabilize the camera mounted on it. Good gimbals are capable of fading away from the shakes generated by our hands when holding the camera. Such a feature becomes incredibly handy particularly when you film while on the move. Gimbals can necessarily help you create smoother and more consistent pans. también, it can become really handy when automating time lapses. Si necesario, as value addition, you can use an iPhone gimbal as a selfie stick too.

En general, a gimbal comprises a handle and a gimbal. You can find a variety of buttons, wheels, etc.. on the handle. The gimbal – the part that sits on the handle – holds your iPhone steadily. Even if your hand wiggles, the iPhone would remain stable because of the gimbal's stabilizing functionality.

A gimbal might be an ideal solution for those who intend to film a top-quality video using the iPhone. sin embargo, you should be prepared to spend around $100 (probably slightly more than that). The combination of your iPhone and a Gimbal would be ideal in producing attractive, exciting and professional videos.

What to consider when choosing the best gimbal for iPhone?

En este articulo, we have reviewed three best gimbals for iPhones. To pick these three gimbals out of the rest of the products, we have considered several important factors. You may read this list of factors so it can be useful when choosing a product on your own.

It should be a three-axis gimbal

If you expect the best stabilization from your gimbal, just go for a three-axis model. Generalmente, the models with three-axis feature utilize accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide better stabilization to the phone. So – just like we did – be sure to stick to gimbals that have three-axis feature when shopping around.

Prefer models that have an autonomous mode

If your gimbal functions autonomously, shooting top-quality videos is a walk in the park for you. De hecho, when you have preprogrammed shooting modes on the gimbal, you can be more creative. That means you can shoot videos with time lapses, dolly zooms, etc.. conveniently with this autonomous mode. Además, the best gimbals that have autonomous mode can even track moving subjects as well.

Superb customer service

It is always better to buy a product from a company that has superb customer service. Their service must be easy to reach; they should respond faster to your queries and be professional in general.

It should have a good warranty

The manufacturers of the iPhone gimble should offer a warranty, so your purchase is secured. Por ejemplo, the respective manufacturer should be ready to handle any repairs that are beyond the user's control. Generalmente, a good gimbal should come with a warranty of one year.

Convenient installation

Installation of your gimble must not be a confusing task at all. De hecho, setting up the gimbal you have purchased should be able to do with a couple of steps. sin embargo, you should also know that different products come with different installation requirements. The gimbal, por lo tanto, should come with an instructional video (link) or at least with a booklet. Adjusting the gimbal to match the phone also shouldn't take much longer. Connecting the gamble with the phone and setting up the app should also be convenient.


Different gimbals have different phone compatibilities. That means you should make sure that the gimbal you purchase is compatible with your iPhone.

A sophisticated app

You cannot call it the best Gimble for iPhone if it doesn't have a sophisticated app. The app should have a clear design with an easy to navigate interface. también, the app must be available for your iPhone. Too confusing apps can reduce the user-friendliness of the gimbal.

Convenient buttons

No matter how many buttons are located on gimbal's handle, they must have a convenient formation. Each of these buttons must come with clear functionality. They also should be easy to use. But you should remember that gimbal's functionality can also be handled using the phone screen.

Battery life

The battery life of the gimbal should be really good, so you don't have to charge it regularly. sin embargo, you should know those good batteries come with substantial weight. En otras palabras, the heavier the battery, the better the capacity. también, don't forget that gimbals use their battery to charge phones as well.

It must be convenient

Por supuesto, the gimbal you use must be convenient to use. There should be a convenient grip so you can hold the device for long periods without discomfort.


Although having accessories is not compulsory, it would be better to have them as value additions.

Parte superior 3 best Gimbal products for iPhone

Although there are many gimbals out there in the market, we present you the best three options. These three products we have listed below matches with the criteria we have mentioned above.

1) LanParte hhg-01

The first product on the list is LanParte HHG-01 which is a very popular product among iPhone users. De hecho, LanParte hhg-01 comes with the recommendation of professional video producers as well. In Amazon, it maintains 3.2 stars, but we honestly believe it deserves a better rating. This specific product is compatible with both iPhones and GoPros.

LanParte hhg-01 gimbal has two adjustable smartphone clamps together with counterweights. They can add the perfect balance to the iPhone when it is mounted on the gimbal. The battery life of this gimbal is appreciable. De hecho, it can power up the gimbal consistently for three hours (it may slightly vary). It is a quick-release battery that comes with a standard DC port to charge. There is a handy LED indicator to notify you of the remaining power level of the battery. Such an approach would be really handy to know for how long you can continue shooting.

sin embargo, LanParte HHG001 Gimbal doesn't come with a joystick mechanism. En lugar, it simply adjusts itself according to the movement of the wrist in order to stabilize the iPhone. When it comes to the price factor, LanParte HHG001 Gimbal is available for $180.

Verificación de precios en Amazon

2) The FeiyuTech SPG

This is another vastly popular gimbal for iPhone that comes with a large range of fancy features. Por ejemplo, this product comes with the ability of live-streaming mode. It utilizes a special altimeter too. The orientation and position will be determined by the altimeter. Thanks to the special sliding arm balancing feature added to this device, finding the center of gravity is easy. No matter which iPhone model you use, this device can ensure perfect balance with every shoot. Attaching lenses, adding lights and attaching different accessories to your iPhone is pretty convenient because of this feature.

The FeiyuTech SPG can communicate with your phone through Bluetooth LE which is exceptionally convenient. Curiosamente, manufacturers say that this device has a battery life of 8 horas. In reality, sin embargo, we believe that the battery life may vary. It has a joystick to handle the functionality. Además, it has a multi-function button and a shutter button for you to pan, tilt and span.

The SPG is capable of panning 360 degrees easily and then tilting up to 320 degrees. sin embargo, the most astonishing thing about this product is that the foldable design it has. Because of the foldable design, you can store it in a very small carrying case without any hassle. The price of this product is $160, and it is available on Amazon.

Verificación de precios en Amazon

3) ikan FLY-X3-Plus

The third product in our review is ikan FLY-X3-Plus. The difference of this product is that it doesn't have the pan and tilt feature through the joystick. Instead of that, it has a special 6-axis inertial measurement chip. That is accompanied by a 3-axis accelerometer. The combination of these two features can stabilize the device when you shoot using your handheld device.

Si necesario, you can consider this product as an external solution that performs optical image stabilization for iPhones. This special gimbal has the ability to eliminate the shakes that potentially occur when shooting with a handheld device. The movements will be corrected by the gimbal and let you experience the best of your shooting. Además de eso, this elegant gimbal has a counterweight too. With this counterweight, you can set it up conveniently using larger smartphones. Aparte de eso, it matches perfectly with GoPro devices as well.

The battery life of this gimbal is about 3 horas (max). De hecho, three hours is a pretty good deal for a gimbal. During a three-hour shooting, it is possible to shoot enough contents. The price of this device is relatively high compared to the other devices in the list. That means it comes with a price of $250.

Verificación de precios en Amazon

Why should you use the best gimbal for iPhone?

Now you know about the best gimbal for iPhone, let's learn why to use one in the first place. Here are some of the practical reasons for having an iPhone gimbal.

It helps you achieve shake-free motion when shooting

The obvious reason for having a gimbal is to facilitate a shake-free motion when you shoot using a handheld camera. Before gimbals were introduced, operators had to use their hands or tripods to stabilize the cameras. sin embargo, the gimbals are really compact in size and convenient to handle. In the existence of gimbals, you can expect steadier, more efficient shots with professionalism.

Large range of motions

You can use a gimbal to produce a range of motions. No matter whether you are a videographer or a photographer, gimbal can help you shoot excellent shots in less time. That is because the gimbal lets you move the camera freely in various ways.

It saves your energy

Gimbals are generally known for their lightweight characteristics. They offer you the fullest freedom and mobility. Operating your iPhone as a camera is exceptionally convenient when it has the assistance of gimbal. Carrying a gimbal wherever you go is a pretty convenient task due to its lightweight.

sin embargo, in the practical world, there are some limitations associated with gimbals. Although gimbals are perfect in terms of stabilization, they are not alternatives for other tools. Por ejemplo, you cannot replace dollies, jibs or sliders with a gimbal. sin embargo, Una vez más, we should mention that the stabilization it offers is virtually perfect.

también, just because you have a gimbal, that is not a replacement for your creativity. Eso significa, your creativity still matters a lot even if you have a gimbal in hand.

Asi que, when you shop around for a gimbal, don't forget that there are some limitations. Just like with any other device, never expect perfection from it. En lugar, you should consider it as a sophisticated tool that lets you shoot videos in a very steady manner.

Since now you are empowered with substantial knowledge about gimbals, shopping around should be easier. We hope you would keep this information in mind and select the best gimbal for iPhone. Good luck with shopping for gimbals.


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