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あなたは質問で苦労しています, “iTunesがiPhoneを認識しません” 若しくは “データローミングとは何ですか?” それから, you are not all alone. If you have noticed options like cellular roaming and data roaming on your iPhone and panicked about why they are turned on, there is nothing to worry about. Most of the people who are new users of iPhone face the same issue. そう, you will get to know about “what is data roaming” 記事上で.

Data roaming is not something alien as you might have heard of this term several times. Data roaming is a service that allows you to continue your data service when you travel outside the range of your network carrier. 基本的に, this feature allows you to access the internet even when you are not under the network range. 不運にも, data roaming comes at a hefty price that you have to pay to enjoy network services. When you turn ON the cellular data on your device abroad, you can access the internet but at a huge price. そう, read further below to avoid this cumbersome problem.

ここに, you can know about how the optioncellular datafunctions and what the optiondata roamingmeans. Along with that, you will get acquainted with some useful tips that you can make use of not to get burned with extra data charges. そう, let’s move on to it without further delay.

部 1: What is cellular data?

Cellular data is the internet connection that connects your phone to the internet when Wi-Fi is not working on your device. If the option “cellular datais not turned ON on your smartphone, then you cannot access the net on your device when there is no chance of Wi-Fi connectivity nearby.

How to turn the option “Cellular dataON?

In order to see whether this option is turned ON or not, you have to visit the settings on your phone. まず、, 設定に移動, and then locate the option “Cellular”. その後, tap on the option “Cellular Data”. ここから, you can switch off or on the option of cellular data.

If the option is turned on, then you will see the option “LTEon the left side of your phone’s screen. ここに, LTE elaborates to Long Term Evolution, which is the fastest internet connection available for your device except for Wi-Fi. If the option “Cellular datais turned off, you will see some signal bars on the upper left side of your device.

しかしながら, it is best for all to leave this option of “Cellular data” オン. It allows you to access your social networks, Eメール, インターネット, 等. on the go when you are not at home. 万一に備えて, you do not leave this option ON; then you would not be able to do all these activities unless you are connected to some Wi-Fi network.

一方, it is absolutely fine to leave the option of Cellular Data OFF. It is fine to do this if you are short on data or you do not need the internet at all. そう, on turning off this feature, you would not be able to connect to the internet, but you can easily send messages and make calls on your device. But for doing other activities, you need a strong internet connection.

部 2: How to enable LTE on iPhones?

LTE is the greatest and latest data technology, which allows you to connect to the internet in a faster way without Wi-Fi. 時々, LTE works faster than a Wi-Fi connection. In order to check whether this option is turned on or not, you need to visit the settings on your device. このため, go to Settings and then, Cellular. そこから, look for the option “Enable LTE”.

一方, if this option is not enabled on your device, then you have to work with a slower internet connection such as 3G or 4G. 万一に備えて, you have a small plan; then you can turn this option OFF to avoid overage data charges.

最近, our phones use an internet connection to perform various activities. あなたが知っているように, phone calls are even performed these days with the use of LTE for a crystal-clear and better sound.

万一に備えて, you just want to use LTE for data connection only and not for calls; then you can enable the option “Data Onlyso as to connect your device to the internet connection. これとともに, you can use email and other applications on your device effortlessly, which all require internet connectivity. 一方, if you are finding problems while making calls via LTE, it is better to choose the option “Data Only” その場合には.

部 3: Do LTE calls use your data plan?

The answer is surprising “NObecause LTE calls do not use internet connection. 今のところ, AT&T and Verizon are two companies that use LTE network to make phone calls. The best part is both these companies do not use data plans to place calls using LTE. その間に, other companies such as T-Mobile are planning to add the option of VoLTE (Voice over LTE) to its network.

AT&T has come up with the option of HD Voice while Verizon offers Advanced Calling. Both these networks use LTE Voice but have not deployed across worldwide due to their newness. In order to make LTE work, both users need phones that come with LTE technology, or you can say, support voice over LTE. For further information, you can visit official websites of AT&T and Verizon to know about HD Voice and Advanced Calling, 各々.

部 4: データローミングとは何ですか?

“Data Roamingis a kind of familiar term for almost everyone. It makes people worried as nobody takes delight in paying extra charges for no reason. 当初は, you have to know what data roaming actually means and how it actually works.

During data roaming, your phone connects to networks or towers that are not operated or owned by your network carrier such as Tモバイル, AT&T, ベライゾン, スプリント, 等. In order to access the option “Data Roaming”, you have to visit the settings on your device. そう, go to Settings and then, Cellular. その後, follow up with the optionData Roaming「.

If the switch is green-colored, it means data roaming is turned ON on your device and in case, the switch is gray-colored, data roaming is turned off. ところで, it is not going to have any effect on your bill in the United States of America whether data roaming is on or off. In earlier times, it used to cost a lot, but a few years ago all network provides agreed to abolish roaming charges. It was certainly a big relief for all.

しかしながら, you have to keep in mind that these network providers like AT&T and Verizon, they charge a huge amount of money when you use data on your iPhone abroad. あなたが知っているように, your phone requires an active internet connection to make all applications work such as checking of emails or update news feed on Facebook.

Though, it is really safe to turn the option “Cellular Dataoff when you are traveling overseas all the time. You do not have to be disheartened about this as you can perform all these online activities with the help of a Wi-Fi network. この方法では, you do not have to deal with massive bills when you come back to your place after spending a great time abroad.

今, ええと “what is data roamingand how you can turn off the option data roaming on your phone. うまくいけば、, this article has cleared all your doubts related to data roaming and cellular data. 万一に備えて, you are thinking of traveling abroad, and it is better to turn off your cellular data instead of just turning off the option of data roaming. やはり, you can use applications on your device or access the internet with the help of a Wi-Fi network. そう, make an awesome trip abroad without worrying about data roaming.


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