How to Get iMessage on PC & Use iMessage on PC


Have you ever wanted to fix on How to Get iMessage on PC? Then, you are not alone. There are plenty of other individuals across the globe who want to use iMessage in PC. However, the big question is that is it doable? As you may see, iMessage is a superb messaging app that comes with various awesome features. It has a nice interface, facilitates reliable money transferring, a massive collection of emoji icons and many other features. But, the issue here is that iMessage is designed for iOS devices only. In other words, by default, it works on devices that run on iOS. However, we have good news for those who want to use iMessage on PC. Using iMessage on PC is doable with a couple of tweaks. If you are such user who wants to experiment with this useful practice, just follow the guidance we provide.

In general, Windows users can use WhatsApp and Facebook messenger through their PCs without any trouble. However, most of them (like you) want to try iMessage on their PCs due to the reasons we mentioned. That is why search engines get endless queries asking if they can use iMessage on PC. If you need to know how to use this app on your Windows PC, you are reading the right article. Without further ado, let's get to the point.

Before we start explaining how to use iMessage on PC, however, we must reveal you the truth. In fact, there is no direct way to download and install iMessage on PC. To make it possible, you should get some tweaks done with the assistance of some tools. More importantly, you will need a Mac besides your PC. However, the first method we expose can let you use experience iMessage.

1. Steps to use iMessage on PC

01. As the first step, you should get a Mac ready in addition to your Windows PC. Also, you must install iMessage on the Mac.

02. Then, you should download Google Chrome web browser and Chrome Remote Desktop tool. These two tools must be installed on both the computers.

03. After the installation process, you should click on “Launch App” option.

04. Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer package on your Mac computer.

05. Then, you will have to install it on the Mac.

With Chrome Remote Desktop tool, you will be able to link two computers either through Chrome Browser or Chromebook. Moreover, this tool facilitates a totally secured connection between the computers.

06. When prompted, you should enter the code to establish a link between the computers.

At the completion of this process, you will be able to use iMessage on PC.

2. What if you don't have a Mac?

It is true that every individual doesn't own Mac computers. So, what if you don't have a Mac and still want to try iMessage on PC? Is it possible? Well, another good news: it is possible! To make it a reality, you will have to download a different software tool instead of Chrome. Simply, you will have to seek the assistance of an emulator in this case.

To do this, we use an emulator called iPadian. This is a third-party emulator that can create a virtual iOS platform on a PC. Once this virtual emulator is created on the PC, you can run iMessage on it easily.

As we mentioned, iPadian is a third-party application that works as a simulator. The purpose of using this software is to mimic an iOS on your Windows PC. Then, it will be able to run iOS apps as if you are doing it on a Mac. It is needless to say that such software can be a priceless option. Particularly, those who want to try iOS apps on PC will find such app to be highly useful.

What you must remember, however, that this iPadian may not work as smooth as you would expect. It actually has some consistency issues. In addition to that, this third-party software application can be associated with some malware. That being said, it is better if you use this software at your own risk.

3. Installing iMessage on PC with iPadian

01. As the first step, you should download the software (iPadian).

02. Then, you should install it on your Windows PC.

03. At the completion of this process, you will be able to run iPadian on your PC.

04. Be sure to accept their terms and conditions to proceed.

05. At the completion of this installation, you will be able to launch the program in your Windows PC.

06. Now, you should locate the search bar of the simulator you just installed and search for iMessage.

07. When the app is located, you should download it (iMessage) on the PC.

08. At the completion of the download, you can simply launch the app and start using iMessage on PC.

As you may notice, iMessage is a really advanced app that comes with various useful features. Over the recent past, many features were integrated into this messaging app. Compared to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, iMessage offers a unique experience.

4. How to Get iMessage on PC?

Now that you know how to get iMessage installed on PC, things can be pretty awesome. What else should you know related to iMessage? What if you can access your iMessage history on your PC? If that is something interesting to you, read on. We will use another comprehensive 3rd party software tool and access your iMessage history. Our intention is to let you know a really convenient way instead of complex methods. In this case, we recommend you using software called iMyFone D-Port Pro iPhone Data Exporter. In a nutshell, the purpose of using this software is to view the iMessage history on your PC.

As a matter of fact, this software is a really sophisticated tool that comes with various other features. However, we will be using it to view your iMessage history in this case. As we know, this software is completely free from malware.

Main features of iMyFone D-Port Pro iPhone Data Exporter

Let's take a look at the most notable features of this special software tool.

  • It supports iOS 12
  • This respective software can transfer everything from iOS devices to your PC. For instance, it can backup messages on iPhone X and iPhone 8, Backup WhatsApp Messages on iPhone 8 & iPhone X. It can transfer, photos, audio clips, and videos in addition to text messages.
  • You can preview the data before you export them. Such feature allows you to export only the necessary items instead of exporting everything.
  • iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter can view and extract your iTunes and iCloud backups too
  • This efficient tool supports more than 20 file types. Therefore, you can use it to extract WhatsApp, Facebook, Voice Memo and many other files in addition to iMessage.

Download iMyfone D-Port Pro for Windows Download iMyfone D-Port Pro for Mac

5. How to transfer your iMessages to your PC from iOS devices?

In this section, we will explain how to use iMyFone D-Port Pro to transfer the message contents from iOS devices. Using this method, you can transfer data from devices like iPhones, iPod touch, and iPads to PC. Thanks to the friendly user-interface of this software, you can get the transfer done using a couple of clicks.

01. Select the type of the files you are going to export

Now, you will need to select the type of the files you are going to export. Before that, you should do the following.

Download iMyFone D-Port on the Windows PC by visiting their official website.

Download iMyfone D-Port Pro for Windows Download iMyfone D-Port Pro for Mac

Install the software and launch the software

You will find a tab called “Export from iOS Device”. Under this tab, you will find an option called “Start”. After clicking on this Start button, you will be able to select the type of the files to export. For instance, if you need messages only, just select Messages and click Next.

When prompted, you should connect your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to the same PC. Be sure that you connect the device through a genuine data cable to prevent potential interruptions.

Then, you should just follow the onscreen instructions.

02. Scan the device for content

At this stage, you should have connected the device as mentioned above.

After connecting the device, you should press “Scan” button. The software itself will start to scan the connected device.

Depending on the amount of data stored on your iOS device, you'll have to wait for some time.

03. Preview your data and start exporting

Now, we are about to finish the data exporting process. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

At the completion of the scanning process, you will be able to preview the iMessages stored in iPhone.

You can select the files that are needed to be exported to the PC through this tool.

Once you have done the selection, you will have to click on the “Export” option. This is located at the bottom right-hand side corner of the screen.

You will see a pop-up window. This screen will ask you to define a location on the PC to save the exported files.

We are pretty sure that you will be able to experience great convenience with iMyFone D-Port Pro. As mentioned, this software doesn't contain any malware, and therefore, it is highly recommendable. Already, a large number of users have tried this tool to export their iOS device contents to PC. Apart from exporting messages, you can use the same tool to back up important contents. In a nutshell, iMyFone D-Port is a must have software tool to fix the issue of “How to Get iMessage on PC”.

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