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Discover, Download, Record, and Transfer Music

An all-in-one music manager to download music, transfer music between iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android phones and iTunes/Mac/PC, and clean up music collection.

Fully compatible with iOS 10, Android 7.0, Windows 10 & macOS Sierra

Newly supports iPhone 7 (Plus), Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7 (Edge)

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Export Music from iPhone, iPad and iPod to iTunes

With TunesGo, transferring music from your iOS device back to iTunes won't be a difficult thing anymore. Whether you want to save the hundreds of songs in your iPhone, iPad or iPod as backup file to prevent data loss or simply copy them to computer for more convenient enjoyment, TunesGo is the key to solve these problems. It enables you to transfer music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your iTunes within simple steps which is an also an insured movement to take for the data integrity.

Break the Walls between iTunes and Android Devices

Android and iTunes, two completely different concepts based on two operational systems that will be never mentioned together in the past, are now united! Thanks to TunesGo, Android users are allowed to use iTunes just like Apple users. You are able to sync music files in your iTunes library to your Android equipment with the help of TunesGo. It acts as a hammer that cracks the thick walls between iTunes and Android, lead a way to the advancement of the technology and improve the user experience to a new level.

Make YouTube as Your Coming Source of Music

Fancy of the numerous hit songs on YouTube? Wonder how to get them moved to your iTunes without complicated steps? Don't worry, TunesGo can handle it for you with simple steps. You are able to add music albums to your library automatically, edit the music tags for your savings and most importantly, transfer the downloaded music file from YouTube to iTunes easily, making YouTube your personal origin of music.

Organize Music Library from Inside Out

With the number of music files growing enormously, the iTunes library may become less organized with confused tags artist, album and genre. You may find many duplicated songs and wrongly named album art in iTunes. TunesGo can auto correct all that mistakes for you. It is capable of adjusting incorrect music files and makes the messy library organized again.

Ignore iTunes Limitations to Easily Manage Music Files

Make the transfer process between iTunes and your device easy without limitations. iTunes only supports certain kinds of music files while TunesGo has no limitations like this. You are allowed to convert all kinds of formats into the ones supported by your devices. Thus, format compatibility won't be a problem any longer.

TunesGo for Windows

TunesGo - Music & Video Download

Supported Platform: Android, iOS.

Free Download $59.95 (LifeTime)

TunesGo for Mac

TunesGo - Music & Video Download

Supported Platform: Android, iOS.

Free Download $59.95 (LifeTime)