How to Preview & Restore Notes from iCloud With Just One Click

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Did you unintentionally deleted several notes from your iPhone, and you want to restore notes from iCloud? When your iPhone has not yet been up to date to iCloud, you can be sure that the notes will remain in the cloud. But the main question now is, how do you restore notes from iCloud, then? If you happen to find yourself stuck in this kind of situation, and you would like to retrieve all of your notes stored in iCloud, the good news is that there are several recovery methods available that you can try.

It is not a secret that the Notes App in your iPhone is the most convenient means of taking down notes about anything under the sun. This can come in handy if you want to write the items you will be getting from the grocery, or some lyrics suddenly popped in your head, or even when you just want to take down notes for your meeting or class. It is also an added benefit that you get the opportunity of sharing the notes you've taken with other devices running on iOS. Sadly, all of these Notes could end up lost. You might just end up waking up the next morning only to find out that all of your precious Notes have gone missing all of a sudden. This is why it is imperative to backup notes.

So, how do you backup and restore notes from iCloud? For those users whose device has been setup with iCloud, recovery can be as seamless as restoring these to your device. However, how can you do it with no need to lose the other existing data saved on your device during the process? In this article, you will learn how to address this issue as you get to learn credible and proven solutions for restoring your notes from iCloud.

Part 1. How to Restore Notes from iCloud in 1-Click by MobileTrans

If you are given a chance to pick the simplest way of restoring Notes from iCloud to your device, it is very certain that you will choose the way that is the easiest, most effective, and least time-consuming. After all, you wouldn't want to be wasting your time trying to do just one task because you got a life, anyway. If you like to restore Notes as fast as possible, you will be able to get back on track. For this, your number one tool of choice is none other than MobileTrans. This tool will not just let you restore Notes quickly and easily since you can be rest assured that no data loss of any form will take place.

MobileTrans gives users the chance of restoring data from iCloud to their iOS device with no need to do a device restoration. This is also handy if you like to restore data to the device from other backup locations such as OneDrive, iTunes, Samsung Kies, and Blackberry. It can also be used for creating a complete backup of the device straight to your computer as well as transfer data from a device to another across several platforms.

Steps to Restore Notes from iCloud

1.Download then install the MobileTrans tool to your computer. Proceed to connect your iOS device to your computer with the help of USB cables. See to it that your computer will recognize the device. After that, launch the MobileTrans program. On its main window select Restore from Backups option then choose iCloud.

Download MobileTrans for Windows Download MobileTrans for Mac

2.In the next step, you have to sign in to iCloud. This should be done using your Apple ID and password. Choose the most relevant from your list of backup files.

3.Wait while the program downloads the backup file. It might take some time as it depends on the backup's size. Once the process of the download was already completed, choose the option “Start Transfer” for you to restore your Notes on your iOS device.

Part 2. How to Preview & then Restore Notes from iCloud by iMyfone D-Back

It isn't at all times that some of you accidentally deleted or deleted notes intentionally on iPhone and need them back later. In other cases, your notes might disappear because of some factors including upgrade failure, virus attack or resetting factory of your iOS device. With any kind of data loss scenario, you may restore notes in an effortless way using iMyfone D-Back. It doesn't only recover notes, but also other contents including messages, calendars, videos, app history, voice memos, and photos from your iPod, iPad or iPhone.

iMyfone D-Back takes pride from having various features. One of these is that it supports a variety of data loss scenarios including virus attacked, iOS upgrade, iPhone jailbreak, damaged phone, lost phones, deletion, and so much more. The software also supports more than twenty-two data types such as videos, photos, messages, and some 3rd party IM app messages.

iMyfone D-Back is also built with four recovery modes, which include Recover from iCloud, Recover from iTunes, Recover from iOS, and Smart Recovery. It comes with a preview feature and enables you to retrieve lost data selectively. It also works with some iOS devices such as iPod Touch 6, iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE.

Steps to Restore Your Notes with the Use of iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back gives you four modes on how you can recover the files. The steps are similar. What you should do is selecting the recovery mode, scan, and restore. In this case, here's how you can recover from your iOS device:

Download iMyfone D-Back for Windows Download iMyfone D-Back for Mac

1.Choose the Recovery Mode.

Run iMyfone D-Back once you've downloaded it and open this on your PC. You'll see the different recovery modes. Choose the option “Recover from iOS”. For you to recover from the iTunes, you have to choose the mode that involves iTunes and follow the instructions provided. In the same case, if you will like to recover notes from iCloud, you can select the recovery mode for iCloud. Then, pick the missing data type. Mark the Notes and some that you like to restore.

2.Scan the Files.

Consider logging in to your account on iCloud and iMyfone D-Back will find every backup file in your account. Choose your preferred backup file, which includes notes that you prefer and hit the button to “Scan” and download the file from the cloud.

3.Restore and Preview the Notes.

The files recovered will be shown on the program's screen. Hover your cursor to the Memos and other folders. After that, check on notes that were already recovered. Then, mark the ones that you like to restore. Once you are done marking, it's time to click the button to recover.

iMyfone D-Back will do everything for you when it comes to restoring notes from iCloud in a hassle-free manner. All you have to do is to be patient while your files are restored to your PC.

To top it all, it's great to protect your notes and have these with you always. The most convenient method to make and save notes is to use Evernote app. Consider downloading iMyfone D-Back on your iOS device and say goodbye to losing notes since you will be able to sync across each device using this software. However, see to it that you follow those steps provided above because they will help you with your concerns in restore notes from iCloud. To avoid any issues or inconvenience, understand the above mentioned steps and implement them accordingly using your device and iMyfone D-Back. If you're not successful on your first try, do it again.

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