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怎么修 “iPhone无法充电” 毫不费力的问题

Don’t Worry about ‘iPhone Won’t Charge’ 错误

If your iPhone won’t charge, 你不必担心各种人用自己的iPhone手机面对这个问题,至少一次. 就像其他智能手机, you have to charge iPhones as well after a certain point in time. You cannot use your phone when its battery is discharged off completely. You have to charge your iPhone depending on the usage time and for what you are using it for.

After plugging in your charger, there can arise a situation where your iPhone won’t charge either switched off or not. There can be many reasons behind why your iPhone won’t get charged. 这里, 你会知道有关这个问题的所有可能的原因,以及你如何能有效地解决这个问题修复.

为了解决iPhone的充电问题, 你必须寻找相关电缆等问题, 动力源, 充电口, 或软件. 在这篇文章中, we will deal with all these issues and how you can resolve the problem of iPhone won’t charge.

这里, you will know about some of the most common reasons due to which your iPhone won’t charge. 随着理由, 有摆脱这一问题的最终修复. Let’s move on to our list of some of the best fixes to resolve the matter where your iPhone won’t charge.

PS: 对于其他iPhone问题, 如iMessage的不工作,  iPhone不断重新启动无法验证服务器的身份iPhone屏幕黑, 请切换到他们的完整解决方案

If your iPhone won’t charge, 你需要寻找特定的问题,然后, 去那个特定的解决方案. 在多数情况下, users buy a new battery when their iPhone won’t charge. 然而, 新电池也不会解决你的iPhone的充电问题. 充电问题是主要关注与软件产品相关的问题,而不是硬件的人. 由于这些内部问题, 你的iPhone从得到充电抵抗.

每当你在充电器将设备插入, 其软件决定是否收取与否. The act of changing the battery is not going to have any effect on if your iPhone won’t charge. There can only be one hardware problem like a damaged charging port. Apple’s customer support article suggests that you should update your device to the latest iOS version, which seems to be incorrect as for how can one do that if iPhone won’t charge.

部分 1: 尝试硬复位设备

首先, you should hard reset your device if your iPhone won’t charge on plug in the charger. There are different ways to reset different models of iPhones, which are given below.

对于旧的iPhone, 6小号, 6小号加, 和SE:

您需要同时按下并抓住家庭和电源按钮,直到出现在手机屏幕上的苹果标志,然后, 他们释放.

对于iPhone 7 Plus和 7:

你必须按下并同时向下抓住音量和电源按钮,直到出现在手机屏幕上的苹果标志,然后, 他们释放.

对于iPhone XR, XS最大, XS, X, 8 加, 和 8:

你需要按下并快速放开音量键然后, 按并迅速放开音量键, 最后, press and seize the Power/Side key until Apple logo appears on your screen and then, release it.

注意: Make sure to hold keys for a longer period. On iPhone X and 8, press the first two keys very quickly while keep holding the power key for 20 seconds or so.

部分 2: 检查防止损坏您的USB电缆

If hard resetting of your device does not solve the problem of iPhone won’t charge, you can look for the hardware problem. On taking a very close look at USB cable’s ends that you employ to charge your device, you can see signs of wearing off or fraying. Apple’s cables are quite prone to wearing off at the charging end of the phone. If these signs are quite visible, it is time to buy a new lightning cable.

To detect the problem, you can look for any physical damage to the cable. If not detected, you can try to charge your phone with a computer’s USB port rather than the wall adapter. If it works fine, then your cable is not the culprit here. 如果不, then change it. You can replace your cable at free of cost if your phone is under warranty.

另一方面, try to use a genuine USB cable as third-party cables usually do not last a very long time. Do not go for cheaper cables but look for high-quality ones.

部分 3: 尝试不同类型的充电器

Your phone charger could be another reason for your iPhone won’t charge issue. 如今, you can charge your phone via a wall adapter, car charger, speaker dock, laptop, 等等. 所以, there are different ways to do it. 然而, it depends on the software that it will charge the device or not. In situations of power fluctuations, the software stops your phone from getting charge due to protective measures.

所以, you can try out a different medium to charge your device, whereas it is best to go for USB ports as these ports offer a limited power supply. 于是, the power supply can also cause the charging issue.

部分 4: Brush off debris from the charging port

So as to examine this situation, you have to take a glance at the bottom end of your iPhone’s charging port using a flashlight. If you can locate gunk or debris there, it could be preventing the connection between the device and the cable. 如果, connectors get blocked, your iPhone won’t charge in that situation.

You have to brush off gunk or debris stuck inside there. 为了这, you can use a toothbrush as it won’t conduct electric charges or harm the device. 现在, brush off the debris and gunk gently. Liquid damage could also prevent your device from getting charged even if you remove the gunk properly as it shorts out connections in the port.

部分 5: 进入DFU模式和恢复设备

In cases where an iPhone won’t charge, putting it in a DFU mode could also work. If you have checked for the hardware problem related to the charging port, USB cable, iPhone or simple software-related problem, it is time to restore your device with the help of a DFU mode.

A DFU mode is a special kind of restore where all the data on your device will get deleted and restore your device to its factory settings. 通过这种方式, your device will set up as a new device where all software issues will be sorted out including the “iPhone won’t charge” 问题.

There are high chances as DFU mode has the capability of bringing a non-functional device back to the normal again. 然而, if it did not work for you, read further to know about the best solution for iPhone won’t charge issue.

部分 6: 修复设备

If the above-mentioned ways did not work out well for you, you have to repair your device anyhow. 为了这, you can visit any Apple store to fix issues like physical or liquid damage to your phone. The only solution they will propose is to replace the entire device.

If you have AppleCare+, it would be not a big problem, but if not, it can be really expensive for you. The charging problem of iPhone could be really cumbersome as it feels like you have lost everything such as photos, 视频, 消息, 等等. 您的设备. But you don’t need to worry as there are better options to resolve the error “iPhone won’t chargethan this.

One of the best ways to repair your device today is through Puls. It is a very affordable and in-person service provider. They reach your home or other desired location within a period of 60 分钟. With some exclusive offers, there are chances to get discounts as well.

The best part about Puls is that it provides a lifetime warranty on their labor and parts. You have to pay only after they get done with the repair. Puls even repair charging ports of iPhones along with other small components that could not be possible at Apple stores. With this service provider, you get a chance to recover your precious data as well as save money at the same time.

部分 7: 修复您的设备来解决问题

There is an ultimate solution for thisiPhone无法充电” 问题. iMyfone Fixppo (iOS系统恢复) is one of the great tools that help you to recover your device in every worst situation. It is quite a savior for iPad and iPhone devices that turn out to be stuck on ghost touch or black screen.

iMyfone Fixppo offers three modes of recovery to repair iOS devices successfully. In the standard mode of recovery, there is no data deletion of any kind. If your device is causing you trouble, you should give this program a try.

Steps to repair the issue of iPhone won’t charge:

To get rid of the cumbersome problem of “iPhone won’t charge”, follow some simple instructions as listed below.

下载iMyFone Fixppo免费

步骤 1: 连接设备

After launching the program iMyfone Fixppo on your computer, you need to connect the iOS device to your system. 之后, you have to opt for the Standard mode and then, put your device in DFU mode to begin the repairing process with the iMyFone program.

步骤 2: Press “Start

下一个, you have to click on the button开始and enter the recovery or DFU mode. In order to enter the mode, press and seize the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for about ten seconds. Let go of the Sleep button but continue to hold the Home tab for the next 5 seconds or so.

If your device does not enter the DFU mode, the recovery mode could also work fine. For putting your phone in recovery mode, press and hold the Sleep and Home keys together. Keep holding it until the icon ofConnect to iTunesappears on your screen.

步骤 3: 下载固件

现在, you have to download the firmware for your iPhone. Just click on the option for下载,” and the program will automatically detect your device’s model. On pressing the “Download” 按键, the latest iOS version will start to download on your system. 然而, you can also download the latest firmware from other sources manually. 然后, 选择的选项 “Select it manuallyto start the process of fixing the issue.

步骤 4: Tap “Start to fix

On the successful completion of the download, you have to tap开始修复to automatically start the repairing process against the issue “iPhone won’t charge. After it gets completed, you have to check whether it has resolved the issue or not. 如果不, you need to try again.

现在, you know what all the processes you have to go through on facing the problem where your iPhone won’t charge. You can start from the top to the bottom in order to repair your device effectively. After a successful repairing program, you can charge your device just like you used to. If it is not a hardware problem, go for iMyfone Fixppo (iOS系统恢复) as it resolves all issues related to iPhones. Download iMyfone Fixppo to charge your device once again if your iPhone无法充电!

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