iFunbox iOS 12 Full Review

In simplest terms, iFunbox iOS is a software tool used as an iDevice file manager. The popularity of iFunbox iOS 12 is increasing rapidly particularly because of its innovative and user-friendly features. As of today, many iPhone/iPad users consider iFunbox iOS 12 as a superb alternative to iTunes. This respective tool is pretty helpful when managing iDevice media files using the computer.

Here are some of the main features associated with iFunbox iOS 12

  • It is capable of managing and transferring iDevice media files using the computer
  • iFunbox iOS 12 can convert your iDevice into a portable hard disk and let you transfer files easily
  • You can export iTunes multimedia content (music and video) into your computer easily
  • If your iTunes doesn't work, iFunbox can manage the files very easily
  • It can install and uninstall iOS device apps in bulks

Downloading iFunbox iOS 12

Being one of the most user-friendly software tools, iFunbox iOS 12 can be downloaded and installed very conveniently. This convenience has become one of the major reasons behind the popularity of this software. If you need to download and install iFunbox iOS 12, please follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • 01. Open the web browser you use generally use and use to access the download file.
  • 02. You should select the installation file depending on the operating system of your computer
  • 03. Once the setup file is downloaded, you can simply double-click on it to begin the installation
  • 04. At the completion of the installation, you should select a .ipa file in order to download
  • 05. Launch iFunbox now
  • 06. Now, the installed software is ready to be used
  • 07. Connect the device to the same computer using a lightning cable to start transferring the media files

How to transfer musing using iFunbox iOS 12?

You can easily transfer iOS devices' media from and to a computer using iFunbox iOS. This transferring process can be done using the features called “Import” and “Export”. If you need to import music files from computer to iPhone/iPad, please follow the instructions provided below.

  • 01. Get your iPhone or iPad connected to the computer using the original USB cable.
  • 02. Open iFunbox iOS 12 software.
  • 03. Go to Quicktool box and Import Files and Data.
  • 04. To import music, you should select iPod music.
  • 05. Now, you should browse the computer for music files. Locate the files you need to export and drag and drop them into iFunbox's window. The software will start to transfer the files immediately. As you may realize, it is a very easy process to export music files using iFunbox.

What should you do if iFunbox iOS 12 doesn't work?

iFunbox is a solidly functioning software that comes with a range of features. However, in rare cases, it may not work properly. If by any chance, the software doesn't operate perfectly, you have a couple of options to consider.

01. Contacting their customer support service

Contacting iFunbox's customer support service is a pretty easy job to do. You are required to follow the below-mentioned instructions in order to contact their customer service.

  • Use a single sentence and explain the issue you have with the software
  • You should also mention the model of the device, the iOS version, IE version and iFunbox version
  • Send all that information in an email to the email address

02. Using TunesMate (the best alternative to iFunbox)

Apart from contacting the customer service of iFunbox iOS 12, you can easily use a better alternative. iMyFone TunesMate is a really impressive alternative to iFunbox considering the features it has. TunesMate has a range of features to manage and transfer files from computer to iOS device and vice versa. Instead of just transferring data, iMyFone iTunesMate can preview the data before selecting and transferring. In addition to that, TunesMate features an impressive data transfer speed too. Compared to other file managers, TunesMate comes with better stability. You will hardly experience any permission errors when using TunesMate.

In general, iMyFone iTunesMate is a powerful and perfect alternative to iFunbox iOS 12. Because of its superior functionality. Here is the Full Review of iMyFone TunesMate.

Key features associated with TunesMate

  • It can transfer all the media files from the computer to any iOS device and vice versa
  • It features an exceptional speed when transferring data
  • TunesMate is capable of previewing media files before you start to transfer them
  • You can backup and restore all the media files deploying a single-click operation
  • This sophisticated software is capable of transferring iOS device data without opening iTunes
  • This respective tool is perfectly safe to use as it doesn't affect already existing data (unlike iTunes)
  • Fix iPhone not showing up on PC & iTunes not opening issue
  • It doesn't keep your personal data files

Download iMyFone TunesMate Free

How to use TunesMate and transfer media files

01. Connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable provided by Apple itself. If not, you can use a lightning cable to accomplish the same task.

02. Now, launch TunesMate on the computer and let it detect the connected iPhone.

03. Now, go to the Music tab of TunesMate, and at this stage, it will list the music files.

04. You should now select a song you need to transfer to the computer from iPhone. Then, click on the option called Export and then go to Export to PC.

05. Now, define a folder path on the computer in order to save the exported file. To do this, you should click on the Select Folder button.

06. The software will now start to transfer the data you selected.

iFunbox Vs. TunesMate

It is true that both iFunbox and TunesMate are perfect alternatives to iTunes. However, both of these tools have unique characteristics. In other words, there are differences between iFunBox and TunesMate. Following is a list of main differences between iFunbox and TunesMate.


iFunbox has some difficulties when connecting to iTunes at certain occasions. However, TunesMate complements iTunes perfectly all the time.

Permission Issues

When transferring some files using iFunbox iOS 12, you will face permission issues sometimes. But, TunesMate doesn't give you such problems


In general, the interface of the iFunbox can be pretty difficult (particularly for a new user) to handle. That can also be called one of the major disadvantages associated with iFunbox. However, TunesMate comes with a really nice interface with a cleaner, nicer and simplified interface which is really friendly.


You DO NOT NEED to jailbreak your iOS device to install TunesMate. However, on the other hand, iFunebox is best recommended for jailbroken devices. So, if you need to keep the warranty of your phone and use a powerful file manager, use TunesMate.


As we believe, now you have substantial knowledge about iFunbox iOS 12 and TunesMate. You also know the differences between these two alternatives to iTunes. Although iFunbox is a really impressive software that comes with a variety of features, it has minor shortcomings too. In that case, you may find iMyFone TunesMate to be a really handy alternative to it. All in all, however, both iFunbox iOS 12 and iMyFone TunesMate are much better alternatives to iTunes.

Download iMyFone TunesMate Free


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