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كيفية إيقاف التصحيح التلقائي على اي فون في طرق مختلفة

التصحيح التلقائي هي ميزة مفيدة للجميع على أي جهاز. كما تعلم, يحب أحدا لإرسال الرسائل مع العديد من الأخطاء المطبعية كما يبدو غير مهني وغير نظيفة. التصحيح التلقائي هو نعمة للناس مثل هذه. ومع ذلك, the feature of autocorrect in iPhones has been charged with causing problems rather than being helpful. Auto-correction of iPhones matches your contacts, the dictionary, and words you often use. It fixes typos in your sentence but changes altogether the meaning of the text, which does not make any sense in most of the cases.

بعض الأحيان, words that being autocorrected turned out to be so funny. With the growing use of the feature of autocorrect on phones, it has led to the creation of a website called Damn You Auto Correct, where users share and post embarrassing or humorous cases of shocking auto corrections. To get rid of situations like these, you need to knowكيفية إيقاف التصحيح التلقائي على اي فون". If you want to disable the feature of autocorrect on an iPhone but not sure about how to do it, this article could be really helpful to you. The feature of auto-correction can be frustrating at times in iPhones as it corrects out wrong phrases and words.

هنا, you will get to know about how to turn off autocorrect on iPhone so that you can type whatever you want without worrying about your phrases being changed automatically.

PS: إذا كان لديك قضايا مثلايفون 6 عالقة في وضع سماعةاي فون يعيد تشغيلMessage Not Working, اي فون شاشة سوداء, how to delete messages on iPhone Xswitch to them to find the best resolutions.

What does “Autocorrect” mean?

Autocorrect is one of the great features that one gets in phones. It is even referred to as Text Replacement as it replaces words as you type. This feature is commonly found in smartphones and tablets. Its basic function is to correct typing or spelling errors, which saves time for the user.

It is a software that makes changes or suggestions automatically to whatever one types in and corrects it immediately if one has made any grammatical or spelling error. Due to the advancement in technology, autocorrect can identify more grammatical mistakes effectively and efficiently.

Autocorrect got released in the year 2007, which is becoming advanced now and then. The autocorrect feature of Apple is referred to as Auto-Correction, which becomes active on every application that makes use of your iPhone’s keyboard. Some of these applications include Notes, رسائل, البريد الإلكتروني, and various others.

وبالتالي, when you think of disabling the feature of autocorrect on an iPhone, it will automatically apply to all other applications that use the device’s keyboard and not only Messages application.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone?

The process of turning off Auto-Correction is not much difficult. You can perform this easy task in some simple steps using settings on your iPhone.

Steps on كيفية إيقاف التصحيح التلقائي على اي فون:

To turn off the feature of autocorrect on iPhones, تحتاج إلى اتباع بعض التعليمات البسيطة على النحو المبين أدناه:

خطوة 1: Visit settings

في البداية, you need to visit the settings of your device.

خطوة 2: Click the option جنرال لواء

بعد ذلك, you have to click on the option “General” from the settings.

خطوة 3: انقر على Keyboard

من هناك, look for the option “Keyboard” and tap on it.

خطوة 4: انقر Auto-Correction 

In the section “Keyboard”, you will find the option of “Auto-Correction”.

خطوة 5: Switch it off

التالى, you just have to slide off the option “Auto-Correction”. It will turn off the feature of autocorrect on your device.

الآن, you have successfully turned off autocorrect on your device. بعمل هذا, you no longer have to worry over being autocorrected when using the keyboard of your iPhone. من ناحية أخرى, you can turn on the feature of autocorrect anytime. لهذا, you have to visit ‘Settings’ and then, ‘General’ and after that, ‘Keyboard’. من هناك, tap on the switch of Auto-Correction. Auto-Correction will be back to work on your device. وبالتالي, “how to turn off autocorrect on iPhone” is quite easy though.

PS: أيضا, you may want to know the best fixes forاي فون لن إيقاف, سوف باد بلدي يتم تشغيل, أو جهاز الأيفون الخاص بي 6 سوف يتم تشغيل.

How to Extract Data via iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery

الآن, you have successfully disabled the feature of autocorrect on your iOS device using the process for “how to turn off autocorrect on iPhone”. ومع ذلك, what if you unknowingly delete some important messages on your device? It happens with almost everyone all the time. In order to cope up situations like this, you need to create a backup of all your data. If you have not created a backup but lost some really important messages, you need a data recovery application to recover your data.

iMyFone D-العودة is one of the best applications that you can use to recover your data without worrying much. It comes with various advanced features, and some of them are listed below:

السمات الخاصة لل iMyFone D-Back Data Recovery:

  • iMyFone D-Back can be used effortlessly without any tech-knowledge to fix اختفت الرسائل فون القضية.
  • It allows you to recover deleted text messages from iPhone, recover deleted or lost data on any iOS device such as iPod, اى باد, و iPhone.
  • It recovers your lost data in just three simple steps without any complications.
  • Help you to recover more than 22 kinds of data from iPhones.
  • It even recovers Viber, الذي, ال WhatsApp, خط, WeChat, جهات الاتصال, الصور, رسائل, ملاحظات, وغيرها من الملفات.
  • Its date retrieval system is based on highly-developed technologies.
  • It even allows you to extract data from iCloud and iTunes backups if you do not want to restore the entire device.
  • Be compatible with every iOS device and version including iPhone XS and iOS 12.

تحميل iMyFone D-العودة الحرة

Steps to recover data with iMyFone D-Back Recovery Tool:

كما حدد سابقا, iMyFone D-Back Recovery Tool recovers the lost data in just three simple steps. The three simple steps for the same are listed below:

خطوة 1: Make a selection

في البداية, you have to select the recovery mode. It offers four types of recovery modes from where you can choose one based on your needs and requirements.

خطوة 2: Scan the data

After choosing the recovery mode, you have to select the data type, and iMyFone D-Back will automatically scan your device. You can have a glance over the recovered files thereafter.

خطوة 3: Recover the data

الآن, select files that you want to recover. بعد قليل, your lost files will be in front of you effortlessly. في هذا الطريق, you can recover any files with the help of iMyFone D-Back hassle-free.

من أجل استعادة الملفات المحذوفة أو المفقودة في سيناريوهات مختلفة مثل شاشة مكسورة, الحذف العرضي, ترقية دائرة الرقابة الداخلية, الهاتف خربت, نسيت كلمة المرور, اعدادات المصنع, ومثل هذه الحالات الأخرى, يمكنك الاستفادة من iMyFone D-العودة. يمكنك حتى محاولة نسخة مجانية لمعرفة ما إذا كانت الملفات قابلة للاسترداد أو لا.

الآن, أنت تعرف كل ما عليك القيام به ل “كيفية إيقاف التصحيح التلقائي على اي فون". عن طريق إيقاف هذه الميزة, أن جهازك لم يتغير أي الكلمة التي تكتبها باستخدام لوحة المفاتيح لها. وهي ليست مهمة صعبة على هذا النحو لإيقاف التصحيح التلقائي على أجهزة iPhone.

تحميل iMyFone D-العودة الحرة

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