How to Solve “My iPad Won’t Turn On” Issue

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iPads were one of the first tablet devices to be released, and Apple has done a fantastic job to make them stand out from the other tablet's out there. However, as amazing as they are, they still have their fair share of problems. One of the most common problems that we hear is that my iPad won't turn on which as you might have guessed, is one of the more frustrating issues to deal with.

That being said, as with any technology related problems, there are a lot of fixes available for eliminating this “My iPad Won't Turn On” problem and today, we'll be showing you some of the most effective fixes.

Fix #1 – Checking Hardware and iPad Accessories

The first thing to do is to make sure that the iPad isn't damaged and that none of your accessories are damaged either.

For example, if you aren't using the standard Apple lightning cable then you might find that your cable is damaged fairly easily or that it breaks shortly after purchasing it. This should be expected, and this is why Apple recommends only using the lightning cables which they provide.

To find out if the issue is with your lightning cable or the iPad, try using a different lightning cable to charge the iPad. To test the cable, try using the lightning cable on a different lightening device.

Fix #2 – Force Restart Your iPad

If you've checked your iPad and its accessories, but you're still experiencing problems, try force restarting your iPad. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Take your iPad and hold down the “Power” button as well as the “Home” button.
Step #2 – Continue to hold both of these buttons down for approximately 10 seconds.
Step #3 – After about 10 seconds, your iPad should vibrate, and the Apple logo should then appear.

This will work most of the time but if it doesn't, then force restarting your iPad, unfortunately, isn't the solution.

Fix #3 – Recovery Mode

As you might have guessed, Recovery mode can help to “recover” the iOS system from your device if something has gone wrong. This mode can be very useful for a wide range of iOS related problems and is always worth trying out.

Step #1 – Start by launching iTunes and connecting the lightning cable to your computer, but don't connect your iPad just yet.

Step #2 – Next, hold down the “Home” button on your iPad and after a few seconds, connect your iPad to the lightning cable.

Step #3 – Continue holding down the home button until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears and until iTunes has recognized your device.

Step #4 – When iTunes has detected your device, it will show you a popup box which allows you to either restore the device or update it to the most recent iOS.

Using recovery mode is a long shot when it comes to fixing my iPad won't turn on, so don't worry if this doesn't help you out. If it doesn't, then go ahead and try the rest of the fixes that we are going to be showing you.

Fix #4 – DFU Mode

DFU Mode, otherwise known as Device Firmware Update mode, can help to fix a lot of iOS issues. If you have recently updated the iOS version on your iPad, then it is likely that by entering your device into DFU mode will fix my iPad won't turn on problem.

To enter the iPad into DFU mode, follow the steps below.

Step #1 – Take your iPad and hold down the “Home” button as well as the “Power” button for approximately 10 seconds.

Step #2 – After 10 seconds, or whenever the Apple logo appears, release the power button but continue to hold down the home button for a further 15 seconds.

Step #3 – When the Apple logo disappears, you can release all the buttons and let your iPad take care of the rest.

This should fix any software related issues that you may run into if you recently updated your iOS version but if it doesn't, take a look at one of the other fixes that we have listed below.

Fix #5 – Restore iPad Backup with iTunes

The issue could be that an application which you've recently installed hasn't been installed properly, or that your device is infected. If that's the case, restoring a recent iPad backup will fix the problem for you.

Step #1 – Connect your iPad to the computer using the appropriate USB cable and launch iTunes.

Step #2 – Once iTunes has loaded, and it has detected your iPad's connection, click on the device icon at the top of the program and select “Summary” from the left panel.

Step #3 – From here, you will be shown some basic summary details about your iPad. Click on the “Restore Backup…” option.

Step #4 – On the menu which appears, select a backup which you want to have restored and click on the “Restore” button.

Step #5 – Lastly, in the popup window which appears, click on the “Restore” button one last time and the selected backup will be restored to your device.

Unfortunately, if you don't take regular backups of your iPad's data, then you won't be able to use this method. For that reason alone, it's incredibly important that you take at least one backup of your device's data each week. There's no reason not to, as it only takes a few minutes to do it!

Fix #6 – Using Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS System Recovery

By using Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Repair to fix my iPad won't turn on, you are guaranteed to fix the device unless the problem is with the iPad rather than the firmware (but this is a rare occurrence).

Before you start following the guide that we've provided for you below, download and install the program “dr.fone”,

Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Windows Version)Download Dr.Fone for iOS (Mac Version)

Step #1 – Start this method by connecting your iPad to your computer using the appropriate lightning cable and launching Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Repair.

Step #2 – From the main menu of Dr.Fone, click on the “Repair” option.

Step #3 – The display which is then shown will give you some basic information on the system recovery process. Click on the “Start” button to continue.

Step #4 – Next, you will be required to enter your device into “DFU Mode“. If you don't know how to do this or you are unsure of the steps which it entails, follow the guide which we wrote in “Fix #4”.

Step #5 – On the following screen, you must enter some information in relation to your iPhone. Enter the device model, iOS version, and any of the other required information before clicking on “Download” to proceed.

Note: at this stage, it's important to enter the correct information. If you don't, the wrong firmware could be installed, and this would result in your iPad being unusable.

Step #6 – Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS System Recovery will then download the appropriate firmware based on the information that you entered, before using that firmware to repair your installed iOS.

Step #7 – Once the repair is complete, of my iPad won't turn on then click on the “Try Again” button and make sure that you have entered the correct firmware information. Simply repeat the process.

As we said above, this will fix the majority of problems with your iPad, especially if my iPad won't turn on. Whatever the problem may be, Dr.Fone will fix it for you.

To Conclude

All in all, if none of the fixes that we've shown you in this article help to fix my iPad won't turn on, go ahead and visit your local Apple store. They will either fix the issue for you or tell you what's wrong with the iPad. Just make sure that before you visit them, that you have a backup of your data somewhere as there's a chance that they'll attempt to factory reset the device. But we are confident that no matter what issue you run into, Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Repair (iOS System Recovery) will fix it for you.

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