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كيفية إنشاء كلمة أبل التطبيق محددة وعلى iCloud

عودة في 2017, طرحت شركة آبل نظام كلمة المرور الجديدة لتطبيقات الطرف الثالث التي تستخدم على iCloud. هذه Apple app-specific password creates an added layer of security on your privacy.

Why is Apple app-specific password introduced?

The purpose of introducing Apple app-specific password is to make sure that your Apple ID isn't compromised. Even if you use third-party apps, your privacy will remain safe as a result of this new password system. اعتبارا من اليوم, we can hardly limit ourselves to the built-in Apple apps, and we use many third-party apps. وبالتالي, using Apple app-specific password is a really important aspect. Be it an email app, a content manager, expense calculator or anything else; it's going to be really handy. An app-specific password will keep you away from various potential threats.

In order to create Apple app-specific password, you should implement a two-factor authentication system. في الواقع, two-factor authentication and two-step verification are two different things which you shouldn't misunderstand.

You should remember that in the event of changing your Apple ID, all the app-specific passwords will be revoked. في هذه الحالة, you will have to create a new app-specific password for all the apps once again. Should you need to تحديث إعدادات ID أبل, فوقه فقط.

How to create an Apple app-specific password

In this section of our article, we will explain how to create Apple app-specific password.

1. للقيام بذلك, you should first go to using any web browser of your preference. ثم, you should use the credentials of our Apple account. بعد ذلك, you should verify your identity using two-factor authentication. مرة واحدة كنت قد فعلت ذلك, يجب أن تذهب إلى security section. You can then select the option called Generate Passwords.

2. ومع ذلك, if you cannot find an option to generate app-specific passwords, you will have to go for توثيق ذو عاملين. This is a different process compared to two-step verification (as mentioned earlier).

3. الآن, you should enter a label for the password. Make sure that the label should give a clue of the app for which the password is created. على سبيل المثال, if you create a password for the mail app, you should label it something likeبريد“. ثم, يجب عليك اختيار “Create“.

4. الآن, يجب copy the app-specific password that you have generated.

5. You can now launch the respective app that is associated with the created password.

6. الآن, يمكنك paste the respective app-specific password into the password field (which requests your iCloud password).

7. عند هذه النقطة, the password will be synchronized with the app. Whenever the respective app requires to access iCloud, this password will be utilized. Whenever you need to enter the iCloud password once again when using the respective app, enter this password.

As a result of this approach, the app will not be able to access the iCloud app without a password. وبالتالي, you don't need to worry about potential attacks that might compromise your privacy.

Viewing the list of Appl app-specific passwords you have created

As per Apple, you can store a maximum number of 25 app-specific passwords simultaneously. The list of passwords you have generated so far can be viewed for your convenience. You can go through the list and see if you still need those passwords or not. Although it doesn't let you see the real password, you have the option of viewing the label of it. علاوة على ذلك, it also lets you see the date you have entered the specific password. حسنا, listed below are the steps you should follow in order to view the passwords that are stored. Get the fixes here if Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled.

1. أولا, go to the link using any web browser of your preference.

2. ثم, you should access the Apple account providing the credentials.

3. You can then verify the identity using the two-factor authentication system.

4. بعد ذلك, you can go to the الأمان section and select the option تصحيح.

5. You can now go to theView Historyoption which is located underApp-Specific Passwords“.

6. You can now see all the labels on the ever app-specific password that is created.

7. Go through this list and determine if there are any passwords that are no longer required. This is a good approach for those who need to clear up the passwords that aren't used anymore.

Revoking Apple app-specific passwords

After going through the list of passwords as mentioned above, you can determine the passwords that aren't used anymore. ثم, you can revoke the useless passwords so the respective app won't have any access to iCloud anymore. ومع ذلك, if you need to use the same app once again, you should come up with a new Apple app-specific password. إذا كنت بحاجة إلى Remove iPad Account Without Password, here is the best method.

Mentioned below are the steps you should take in order to revoke Apple app-specific passwords.

1. أول, go to the link using a web browser of your preference.

2. ثم, make sure that you enter the credentials of the Apple account to access it.

3. You should now verify the identity using the two-factor authentication system.

4. You can find the Edit option under the Security section; click on it.

5. You can now selectView Historyoption which is located underApp-Specific Passwords” الجزء.

6. Define the password you need to revoke and selectRemoveicon located next to it. في الواقع, this option looks like an X so you can find it easily.

7. To confirm the action of revoking the password, يجب عليك اختيار Revoke اختيار.

8. عند الانتهاء من عملية, يمكنك النقر على فعله.

Things to consider when using third-party apps on iPhone

لأسباب مختلفة, we have to use third-party apps on our iOS devices. Although many of the third-party apps are exceptionally useful, some of them can be harmful. Some of these apps can contain malware while others can steal your personal information. وبالتالي, you should be very specific when using third-party apps on your iPhone. Here are some of the important aspects you should consider with third-party apps.

  • Always download third-party apps from a reliable source. في الواقع, most of the threats are associated with apps that are downloaded from random sources. This is why you should download third-party apps that are developed for official Appstore. That is a safer approach as opposed to downloading such an app from an unofficial source.
  • Although Apple is generally considered to be safer, that doesn't mean that they are invincible. وبالتالي, it is better to have an antivirus app installed on your iOS device for the sake of safety. Even if you have downloaded a third-party app which can be harmful, the risk can be minimized with antivirus.
  • If some app requests you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, don't install it unless you're an expert. If you jailbreak the device, it becomes vulnerable to various external threats. وبالتالي, try to keep your iOS device in its original form.

حسنا, those are the security tips we have to provide about installing and using third-party apps on iOS Devices.

We hope now you have a good understanding of creating Apple app-specific password and its uses. Please do remember that this feature is added to Apple for your own safety.

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