How to Connect Android Device to Mac Without Efforts

When you are trying to connect your Android phone or tablet to Mac with a USB cable, you may find that Mac has no response to the Android devices at all. This is one thing very inconvenient for Mac users. Android device can't be detected by Mac, never mention using it as an external hard drive. Thus, is there a valid way to connect Android devices with Mac? What can you do in order to transfer media files such as music, movies, playlists, photos, etc. between your Android device and Mac?

Actually, you just have to turn to a third-party tool for help. A powerful third-party tool can easily handle all these problems for you. In the following part of this article, we will introduce you three best tools: dr.fone Transfer for Android, Android File Transfer and Samsung Kies for Mac. All features of each tool will be detailed in part 1 while full guidance will be presented in part 2. You can make your own choice depending on your needs.

Part 1. Introductions about top 3 software to connect Android to Mac

1.dr.fone – Transfer for Android (Mac)

When you use iOS devices for a long time, there must be quite a large accumulation of songs on your iTunes library. At this point, you ditch your iPhone, iPad or iPod for a brand new Android device. The first big problem that comes to you is how to transfer the songs stored in your iTunes on your Mac to your Android device? Is there similar software like iTunes for Mac that enables you to manage all kinds of media files on Mac and transfer music, playlists, and videos between the software and Android device? You are just in the right place to get your answer. dr.fone – Android Transfer (Mac) is absolutely the greatest choice for you. With it, you are allowed to transfer media files between your Android device and Mac/iTunes easily.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (Android)


  • 1. One-click to sync the whole iTunes library to Android.
  • 2. Both sync and drag and drop feature are available. You can selectively pick the songs, movies, playlists, etc. from Mac to Android.
  • 3. Make it extremely easy to transfer media files from Android to iTunes as backup files.

Connection method: Only a USB cable is required to connect your Android device to Mac


  • 1. The interface of the software is clean and neat.
  • 2. Even if you are a first user of this program, the handling process won't be an issue for you.
  • 3. More than two thousand Android devices are fully supported by this software. For instance, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Google, LG, HUAWEI and more are supported.
  • 4. The software perfectly works on Android devices running Android 2.1 to Android 9.0


  • 1. This program is not free of charge. You have to pay for the software.

Connect Android to Mac via dr.fone

2. Android File Transfer

Developed by Google, Android File Transfer is another excellent third-party tool to manage your Android device on Mac directly. You can connect your Android device with Mac and use it as an external hard drive, which makes the transferring process between the Android devices and Mac quite easy and convenient.


  • 1. Make your Android device a portable hard drive.
  • 2. Check out whatever file folder you want on the SD card of the Android device.
  • 3. You are able to transfer media files such as music, video, docs and photos from or to Mac.

Connection method: You just need a USB cable to connect your Android device to your Mac.


  • 1. It's totally cost-free
  • 2. You are allowed to have an easy approach to the SD card of your Android device


  • 1. It cannot properly function with Samsung Kies installed on your computer at the same time.
  • 2. Android devices cannot be always detected by the software.
  • 3. The software only functions on devices running Android 3.0 and up.

Note: Here are the best solutions for your Android file transfer Mac not working.


3. Samsung Kies 3 for Mac

Samsung Kies 3, one official free tool developed by Samsung, enables you to handle your Samsung device on your Mac with no cost. Media files including music, videos, contacts can be easily transferred to your Android device. In addition, you are allowed to backup and restore all the data on your device and update the firmware.


  • 1. Transfer media files such as movies, music, contacts, podcasts, and photos.
  • 2. Make backup files with your Samsung device and save the file on Mac for restore later.
  • 3. Get apps from Galaxy Apps directly to your Samsung device.
  • 4 You are able to update the firmware of your Samsung to the latest version.

Connection way: you are able to connect the Samsung device to your Mac with a USB cable


  • 1. It's completely free of charge
  • 2. Outstanding features are waiting for you to explore your Samsung device.


  • 1. Only Samsung devices are supported by this tool
  • 2. Sometimes the connection between the Samsung device and the tool is not stable. You may fail to connect your device occasionally.


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Part 2. Full guidance over connecting Android to Mac on your phone directly

You are managing to connect your Android device with your Mac directly with a third-party app. We will take HoRNDIS as an example here. You can try the latest version of HoRNDIS yourself.

When you download the app successfully, you have to install the app on your Mac and then use a USB cable to connect your Android device with the Mac. Open Settings on your Android phone.

Locate Wireless & Networks in Settings and then click Tethering & Portable Hotspot to go on. You will see an option USB TETHERING, check it and then wait for your Android device to be connected with Mac. But in order to ensure the connection is valid, you have to use WiFi network or mobile data.


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