Best Ways to Fix “Photos Won’t Delete from iPhone” Issue


Have you ever met the issue of “Photos Won't Delete from iPhone 7 Plus / 7 / 6S/ 6”?

iPhones are a thing of high demand today. These are highly convenient smartphones that carry a plethora of features and functions, thus making them an appealing gadget to own! Apart from the regular Smartphone features, iPhone carries an in-built Wi-Fi system, a personal assisting software program, and a large number of features, thus saving its user on time and energy. It is the most revolutionary and game changing phone to have on the market today. However, some iPhone users seem to experience confusion, when it comes to managing their albums. The most common problem has been reported by iPhone users complaining when their photos won't delete from iPhone. Mainly, they can't figure why some albums can be deleted from their phones, while others can't.

These users have often searched online and asked experts to put up easy solutions for such problems. If you are facing such a problem on your device, you just need to understand better how the Photos app on your device works. This problem has been addressed by our experts to give you a wide array of solutions and possible preventions in troubleshooting your Samsung phone before consulting with a technician. If you have experienced trying to delete an album or picture from your iPhone repeatedly without any success, this article is definitely a good read for you!

Most people have experienced their iPhone trash can graying out, when they try deleting any picture or album. Nowadays, while most of the iPhone users sync their data with the iCloud these days, it is still safe to assume that some others also sync with iTunes to keep their saved older photos, albums, and other media files. In case this is something you do, it would go a long way in explaining why your photos won't delete from iPhone. Deleting the album itself will not result in deleting the photos from your iPhone or iPad device. This would only delete that album. The photos would, however, remain saved in your other albums, and in the Photo Stream! So, take courage because you are not alone in facing this problem!

We have hence, received a number of questions from many iOS users dealing with this iOS nuisance. We have brought you some excellent solutions on how to deal with situations when your photos won't delete from iPhone. After reading these helpful tips, you will be able to learn the following:

  • 1.How to remove such photos that won't delete from your iPhone.
  • 2.The different types of photos that can and cannot be deleted from your iPhone.
  • 3.Why these photos won't delete from your iPhone device.
  • 4.About iCloud Photos: Whether they are erasable or not and what is its solution.

How to react when photos won't delete from iPhone

The immediate answer to address such a problem is the iMyFone Umate Pro software. The iMyFone Umate Pro software is considered as the most efficient iPhone data eraser on any Apple device in the world. It enables one to preview all kinds of iOS data and selectively erase any of it, including saved photos, received photos and also those photos that appear as a timeline in the photos app of IOS. Furthermore, this application also helps in the protection of your private files by leaving no chance of any recovery, either through jailbreak or any brute force method.

The iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac or the iMyFone Umate Pro software is presently the world's most efficient and affordable iPhone cleaner. This software, which is mostly used to free up iPhone, iPad or iPod space, is built with a 25+ analytical technology. This technology in the backend helps in the compressing, exporting, and erasing of all kinds of iPhone photos in one click.

There is some software in the Apple store that would help you when photos won't delete from iPhone from any version of iOS starting from the fourth version to the latest version. In the sea of apps that you would find, something like the iPhone Ultimate Pro software is a blessing in disguise! Since Apple follows a strict policy of verified certification for every app in the app store, finding something like the iMyFone Umate Pro software is not only rare, but you will also have to shell out a lot of money for a premium software.

The iMyFone Umate Pro software makes it capable of performing useful functions, like compressing, exporting, and erasing your iPhone photos all in a single click. It is very helpful in cleaning all your junk and temporary files, managing the large files and apps in bulk, and permanently erasing the iOS data. Moreover, it is largely compatible with all versions of the iOS operating system.

Steps in deleting your iPhone Photos using the iMyfone Umate Pro

The iMyfone Umate software is the perfect solution to a situation when your photos won't delete from iPhone. This is how to accomplish the task:

Step 1: You are first required to download the Umate software on your PC. Press the install button and run the program. Then, connect your iPhone to the PC through a USB cable.

Download iMyfone Umate Pro (Windows Version) Download iMyfone Umate Pro (Mac Version)

Step 2: Then click on the photo tab and choose the ‘Export & Delete ‘option. The program will automatically start to scan your iPhone.

Step 3: After the scan finishes, you can preview all your photos and select the photos required to delete from your device.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Backup & Delete‘ option to finish the process.

How the iMyfone Umate software can help you in Managing your iPhone Photos on the device

There are a plethora of benefits available for everyone using the iMyFone Umate Pro software to perform any type of space cleaning from their iOS device. While dealing with any photo management problems, it can perform the following functions:

  • Deleting photos in bulk including the photos that won't delete from iPhone. These include all your current photos, the previously deleted photos, and also the photos that won't delete from your iPhone.
  • It can also compress your photos on your Smartphone resulting in the release of seventy-five percent of the iOS photo space capacity, without any loss of data from your device.
  • This software can export your photos to a PC or Mac as a backup for any future use. You can then preview all your iOS photos on the Umate interface before choosing to delete any of it.
  • It can clear up the iOS photo cache as well. The iMyFone Umate Pro ensures to erase all your iOS photo cache that could be holding up space on your iOS phone memory space and ultimately slowing down your iPhone.
  • It can also delete Kik accountdelete contacts on iPad,  clear cache on iPad and makes your iOS phone device almost like new.

Learning what you can and cannot delete with the iPhone Photo App

I have personally witnessed a couple of situations when some albums or photos won't delete from iPhone and tried solving the dilemma myself. I carried my grievance to some Apple forums, only to discover that it is a common problem experienced by a large number of iPhone users.

This was when I started to research on the types of photo files that you can and cannot delete using the iPhone Photo app. I soon found out that the photos or albums that were earlier copied to my iPhone by syncing with my computer cannot be deleted from the photo app. It is possible only through deselecting of such photos or albums from the iTunes while carrying out a different sync.

Learning to delete your iCloud Photos

Yes, your iCloud photos can now be deleted too. This is possible only when you turn on your iCloud Photo Library while deleting the photos from your iPhone device. In fact, such photos can also be removed from all your iOS and Mac OS devices that were earlier stored on your iCloud account.

Many users have most commonly asked for ways with which one can erase a photo from their iPhones, without erasing the iCloud Photo Library on an iOS or Mac OS device. The simple solution is to turn off your iCloud Photo Library before erasing any iOS photo.

Now you know how you can get an easy fix when faced a photo deleting problem on your iPhone device.

If you have any experiences, contributions, questions or queries concerning these situations when photos won't delete from iPhone device, just drop a comment below. We would love to help you in any way to find the answers for such problems.

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