How to Fix “iPhone Won’t Send Picture Messages” Simply

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Even the best of the best smartphones today have their own set of pros and cons, and when your iPhone won’t rotate, iPhone group messaging not working, iPhone won't send picture messages or iMessage doesn't say delivered, you know that you are dealing with something that, despite not being serious, could be very frustrating.

As people become more and more interested in social media, it has also become common for their phones to be filled with photos. And most of the time, you want to share these pictures with others, such as your family and friends. But, it has also become very common for many iPhone users to have a hard time in trying to send picture messages to other users. Some of them might have tried a lot of times, but their iPhone won't send picture messages either through MMS or iMessage. When this happens, there is often a message which states Not Delivered, with the photo message remaining stuck at the center.

When you ever encounter this mishap, you might feel desperate trying to find answers why it happens to you, and how it could be solved. It might give you some peace of mind and assurance to know that this kind of situation doesn't happen to you alone as there are still many iPhone users who often deal with such a dilemma. This is why this article will try to provide you with possible ways of addressing this problem through offering useful solutions if your iPhone refuses to send your picture messages.

1st Tip: Pinpoint the Root Cause of the Problem

There is a possibility that the problem is not really at your end. That is why before anything else, you need to figure out whether the pictures you are trying to send don't send only to one person or many people as a whole. To do it, you can start by sending a picture message to 4 or 5 of your friends. When you find that you cannot send a message to all of them, then, you can safely say that your iPhone is the issue. On the other hand, if you cannot send a message only to one friend, there's a great chance that the issue is with your friend's device, and not yours. If you cannot send pictures to all of your friends, continue to read on to know how to address the issue.

2nd Tip: Check the Status of Your Apple System

One more thing you have to do to figure out the issue is confirming the status of the Apple system server. There are instances when the outages made by down servers of Apple can also make users experience some issues with sending picture messages using their device. When this happens, you might have to wait for the server to go down and check the status of the system now and then to eliminate the problem.

3rd Tip: Ensure that MMS and iMessage are Enabled

When the first two methods don't solve the problem when your iPhone won't send picture messages, it is about time that you check if MMS and iMessage have been properly turned on. It is because these two are both important so that you can send and receive picture messages.

For verifying if you have enabled MMS Messaging, these are the steps to follow:

  • 1.Click on Settings before going to the Messages option.
  • 2.Check on the toggle button you can see beside the MMS Messaging option to turn it on.

For verifying if you have enabled iMessage, these steps are the ones you should follow:

  • 1.Click on Settings before going to the option that states Messages.
  • 2.See if the toggle switch for iMessage is checked to turn it on. Basically, the problem can be fixed by switching it on and off the iMessage option's toggle button.

4th Tip: Ensure That Cellular Data is Turned On or WiFi is Connected

WiFi and cellular data connection is a necessity while sending some pictures through the iMessage and should be enabled. Therefore, you have to ensure that it's turned on.

To check your cellular data, go to the Settings of your device and tap the option Cellular. Tap the toggle switch on Cellular Data for it to be enabled. You may also use your iOS device to watch videos and browse online when cellular data is turned off to check the WiFi connection. If there's no problem with WiFi and cellular data connection, never give up and just keep on reading.

5th Tip: Reset the iPhone's Network Settings

Resetting your iPhone's network settings may work as when you are dealing with iPhone won't send picture messages. MMS or iMessage requires an internet connection so any unintended change in network settings may trigger the issue. Before you proceed to other steps, see to it that you copied the network information like VPN network information and passwords. For you to reset these, go to Settings, choose the option General, and tap on “Reset”. Then, proceed by tapping on “Reset Network Settings”. You can confirm your action through entering the passcode and tapping the option “Reset Network Settings”.

6th Tip: Consider Using a 3rd Party Tool

If your iPhone won't send picture messages, consider using a 3rd party tool, which is a helpful and beneficial for users. iMyfone D-Back is the software that's user-friendly, valuable, and comes with easy to use interface. This can help the users to repair iOS issues with its feature called “Fix iOS System”. iMyFone D-Back has more features than you think.

Download iMyfone D-Back for Windows Download iMyfone D-Back for Mac

iMyFone D-Back for Fixing iOS Problems without Dealing with Data Loss

The feature of iMyFone D-Back can help you deal with many iOS problems. For instance, white screen, black screen, restart loops, iPhone stuck in the recovery mode, and so on are just some of the issues you can fix using the software. It is also capable of fixing problems without the need for you to worry about data loss.

iMyFone D-Back is an expert when it comes to recovering any lost data, regardless of the data loss scenarios including data disappearing suddenly and accidental deletion. It is also compatible with every iOS device and supports several data types such as Kik messages, WeChat messages, contacts, photos, notes, and WhatsApp messages. You will also find deleted data easily using the four recovery modes of iMyFone D-Back.

7th Tip: Restore Your iPhone to Its Factory Settings

If an issue like iPhone won't send picture messages isn't repaired easily, restore your iPhone to its factory settings. Consider opening the iTunes and connect your device to your PC through USB cable. The popup window will appear and choose the option “Trust”. Choose the iPhone appearing on the iTunes on the PC screen. Choose the option “Restore iPhone” in the summary panel and choose the option “Restore” to verify. Then, restart your device.

The Bottom Line

People agree that whenever iPhone won't send picture messages, there comes tons of disappointment and perplexity. Sometimes, you may have numerous questions in mind. For you to wrap up all things, those are the solutions above to repair your issue with iPhone won't send picture messages. You may also try them as well as check if the issue is repaired.

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