How to Easily Export iTunes Playlist on Your Device?

An iPhone user might require to do an export or transfer of their iTunes playlist. A person compiles a song playlist with a lot of efforts and as per their taste in music. No one would want to do the same hectic procedure again and gather the songs from scratch.

Moreover, many a time a user compiles a playlist for a specific occasion. Such a dedicated playlist is extremely priceless, and its user might want to share it with others as well. You can also export iTunes playlist to another device with the help of this informative tutorial that is given below. Read on to know more about it in detail.

1 Export iTunes Playlist having songs via iTunes

This is an extremely simple procedure of exporting the iTunes playlist that has songs in it using the iTunes. Follow the below-mentioned procedure to do it yourself.

1. The first thing that the user of iTunes needs to ensure is that the iTunes application is launched.

2. If you are on the iTunes session currently, it is advisable to tap on the Playlist tab to ensure that the procedure continues.

3. On the left-hand side application panel, the user should click on that playlist, which he or she wishes to export.

4. Once it is selected, click on “File”. Next, select “Library” among the various options that you can see on the screen.

5. Next, select the “Export Playlist” alternative from a drop-down list that you would see on the device's screen.

6. Next, you will see a pop-up window. Navigate to the “Save as type” option and then click on “XML files.” This was the last step of the entire procedure.

2 Export iTunes Playlist to Text from iTunes

You can save the iTunes playlist to text by following a simple procedure. This one is quite comparable to the procedure that is mentioned above. Read on to know more about it in detail.

1. Firstly, you need to launch the iTunes application.

2. Choose Playlists in the upper corner main-bar while it is playing the current music.

3. On the left side of the application panel, the user has to click on that particular playlist, which he or she wants to export.

4. Next, go to File, then Library, and finally select Export Playlist.

5. A new pop-up window will emerge on the screen. The device user should ensure that among all the options, the “Save as type” is chosen to text. If the application's system asks for a specific format, then UTF -8 should be selected. Click on save and then complete the procedure of export iTunes playlist effectively.

3 Export iTunes Playlist to iPod/iPhone/iPad

This is the simplest procedure to export iTunes playlist from one device to another one. For doing this, you just need to connect the phone device to a computer and then transfer all the required content to a new iPhone. Follow the below-mentioned procedure that is given in detail to export iTunes playlist.

1. Connect your Apple device with the computer using a USB or a data cable for initiating the procedure.

2. Next, you need to ensure that an iExplorer is subsequently launched on a PC or Mac according to the machine's genre.

3. Once the iExplorer has detected the device, it will automatically display all of its contents. For viewing the music, you need to click on the Music tab that you can see on the left-hand side panel on the screen. After that, select the relevant music playlist that you wish to export.

4. Once this is done, navigate to “Transfer” and then select “Transfer Entire Playlist to iTunes.” This will make certain that the entire procedure is carried out smoothly, without any interference or hassle in between.

5. For completing this procedure, close and then restart your iTunes application. This will ensure that the targeted iPhone device is properly connected with the same computer and your iTunes Application is synchronized with it. This will initiate the new music playlist to transfer to a new device with no further issues.

4 Synchronize iTunes Playlist with the iOS Device without letting the Original Playlists get Erased

Many times, the Apple user wishes to synchronize his or her iTunes playlist with another iDevice that has iTunes application in it. But in this procedure, the old playlist gets deleted instantly. This is quite a troublesome effect since many users wish to keep their old playlist in the original place.
For ensuring that you never face this troublesome situation, you can try using dr.fone – Transfer (iOS). You just need to download and then install this amazing software in the device. It is a great application that is developed by the Wondershare and lets to easily transfer a new song playlist to an iOS device, meanwhile ensuring that the older one stays the same at its original place.

dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Here are a few exciting features of dr.fone – Transfer (iOS) that aid you in transferring your new iTunes playlist to an iOS device without erasing an original playlist. Continue reading to know more about them.

Download dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

For using this software, follow the below-mentioned procedure:

Step-1: After download, you will find the recent version of it on this link. Once you have downloaded it, install and then launch it. Using a USB cable, connect your iDevice with a computer.

Step-2: Select the “Transfer” option from the dr.fone interface, and subsequently a new window will pop up.

Step-3: Tap on “Transfer iTunes Media to Device” and due to this, the entire iTunes song library would be thoroughly checked by a default option. You need to uncheck those particular items that you don't wish to transfer. Tap on transfer for starting the transferring procedure of the playlist that's been just selected. After the transfer is completed, click on “Okay.” This will complete the procedure of the export iTunes playlist.

5 Without losing your Data to Export iTunes Playlist

You can also export your iTunes playlist through the iMyFone TunesMate as it's a great application for it. Using this software, you can transfer any file or edit a playlist without any restrictions. Here are a few advantages of this efficient software.

Advantages of iMyFone TunesMate

  • Keeps the original data of iPhone while exporting
  • Rebuild the iTunes library effectively
  • Support all sorts of music formats
  • Exports non-purchased or purchased music from the iOS device to the iTunes or a PC
  • Initiates a 2-way transfer between the iTunes application and iPhone for transferring photos/ videos/ music
  • Totally compatible with the iOS 10.3 and all of its later versions
  • Selectively export iTunes playlist easily and quickly to the diverse iOS devices

Download iMyFone TunesMate Free

Step-by-step procedure of exporting the iTunes playlist using the TunesMate

Step 1: Download this application and then install it on your computer. Next, connect your iDevice with this software.

Step 2: Click on the “Music” tab. Search for that particular playlist, which you wish to export.

Step 3: Click on “Export” and then select the “Export to iTunes” or “Export to PC“.

If you have selected the “Export to iTunes” option, it will start the synchronizing immediately.

If you have selected the “Export to PC” option, you have to opt for the location wherein you want to save that particular playlist

Through this article, you got to know how to export iTunes playlist from your iDevice to another device. A lot of alternatives are suggested above, but it is advised to opt for dr.fone – iOS Transfer or iMyFone TunesMate since these are great software for doing such transfers. Moreover, they need to be downloaded and run on your PC and rest the transfer is done automatically. This saves your time and effort, and you can be sure about losing no data while the process takes place.

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