How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone X Directly

And if you are one of the first few lucky people who have the honor of attaining the new iPhone X then you know the experience of this new technology. But if all of your contacts and the rest of your data are still inside your old Android phone, then you have a small problem on your hands. This is because iOS and Android do not have a direct link through which you can simply transfer your data. So, how can you transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X? Fortunately, through the means of this article, you will be able to do just that by not just one but with three different methods. So, take a look at all of them, and you will be able to transfer all of your contacts and other forms of data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone X.

iPhone X is truly a marvel in not just the smartphone technology, but also in the processing technology as well. It is the first mass-produced integrated processor that as a neural network, and an advanced artificial intelligence design that can completely revolutionize our entire world. iPhone X has completely left even the latest Intel i7 core in the dust in the matter of performance and data processing. With iPhone X, Apple has truly declared its first move in the global arms race that is artificial intelligence.

Part 1: How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X using dr.fone – Switch

If you want to learn how to transfer your contacts and other forms of your data including your music, your videos, your photos, your messages, and even your emails from your old Android phone to your new iPhone X. Then you can do so by the usage of the dr.fone – Switch. dr.fone is an amazing software that can help you transfer all forms of your data regardless of the operating system that you use on your computer and your smartphone. And here are a few more features of dr.fone – Phone Switch:

  • You can transfer your contacts from your Android phone to your iPhone X with just a single click!
  • dr.fone-Switch is completely capable of transferring all of your videos, photos, contacts, messages, and emails from your Android phone to your iPhone X.
  • It is also able to transfer data from all types of smartphones including Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Apple and all types of HTC phones as well.
  • Works perfectly with Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, HTC, Google, Motorola, Huawei, Nokia, and ZTE smartphones and tablets.
  • It is also completely compatible with network providers of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and even Sprint.
  • dr.fone is also able to function equally well with iOS 12 and Android 9.0.
  • dr.fone also works with MacOS 10.14 Mojave and Windows 10.

Download dr.fone – Switch

Now, let us take a look at the steps that you can follow to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X by the usage of dr.fone – Phone Switch.

1. The first thing that you need to do to learn how to transfer your data from your old Android phone to your new iPhone X is to first download dr.fone software inside your Windows PC or Mac. You can download it for free from the internet and install it on your computer. Once you are done with that, simply open it on your computer and click on “Switch” to proceed further.

2. The second thing that you need to do is to connect, both your old Android phone and your new iPhone X to your computer with the help of USB cables.

3. After you are done connecting your phones, wait for the dr.fon software to recognize them. Choose your old Android phone as the phone from which the data will be transferred from, and choose your new iPhone X as the phone where the data will be transferred to.

4. The tool will mark all of the data categories to be transferred from your Android phone, which will contain all of your files from all formats. You can simply uncheck the type of files that you do not wish to transfer. Select your contacts and then click on “Start transfer” to begin the transferring process.

5. Once your transfer has been completed, you will be notified. Afterwards, check your iPhone X and you will find all of your contacts safely transferred inside it.

Now that you have understood how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X using dr.fone – Switch, there is another method that you can use to do the same task. Let's find out in the next section.

Part 2: How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X with the help of iOS app

Do you know there is a special iOS application that is created to help you transfer files from your iOS device to your iPhone X? Yes, you heard it right, there is, in fact, a special iOS application that you can download in both of your phones and use the application to transfer your files easily. You can do so by following the steps below:

1. The first thing that you need to do is set up your iPhone X and locate the “Apps and Data” option.

2. Click on that option and select the “Move data from Android” tab.

3. Now that you have enabled the move data from Android on your iPhone X, it is time for you to download the iOS application on your Android phone. To do that, simply open the play store inside your Android phone and search for ‘move to iOS' application. Once you find it, you can easily install it on your phone. Start the application, give it all the permissions it needs.

4. Now, press on “Continue” in both of your devices and let them connect with each other. Afterwards, click on “Agree” and then “Next” on your Android phone to continue the process.

5. You will find a twelve digit code in your iPhone, enter this code on your Android phone and you will be able to begin the transfer of files from Android to iPhone X.

6. Both of the devices will get connected in a peer-to-peer sharing connection over your Wi-fi network. Once this is done, you will be able to select all the data that you wish to transfer to your iPhone X from your Android phone. Select the contacts and then press of “next” to begin the transfer process.

7. The transfer will finish and notify you and both of your devices will be disconnected automatically.

So, this is how you can transfer all of your data from your Android phone to your new iPhone X. But this is not all because we have another method that you can use to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X.

Part 3: How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X using Gmail

This might come as a shock to you, but you can use the option of Gmail to transfer your contacts from your old Android phone to your new iPhone X. Since you were using Android before, all of your contacts are probably already present in the google backup. Simply follow the steps below and learn to transfer them all to your iPhone X.

1. Open your Android phone and click on setting to open “Accounts and Sync.” Following that, click on “manage accounts” and click on Google and sign in.

2. After signing in, you will allow Android to sync all of your contacts to Gmail. Once this happens, open your iPhone X and click on its settings and open “Contacts.”

3. Once you open it, click on “Google” and login. Afterward, simply enable contacts when asked, and choose all of your contacts which will be available in your Gmail. And so, all of your contacts will be automatically transferred to your iPhone X without a hassle.

So, these are the three different methods that you can use to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone X. Choose the one that you find is the best, and you will be able to transfer all of your contacts from your old Android phone to your new iPhone X.

Sharp AquosにあるデータをiPhone 7/6s Plusへ転送できるアプリの使い方です

Sharp AquosにあるデータをiPhone 7/6s Plusへ転送することは新型のiPhoneを変更したい場合、考えすべき問題です。確かに他のスマホと比べると、独自なセンスでエレガントな外見を用いるSharpのAquosは使い心地はいいし、デザインもきれいですから、大勢な女性の利用者がお気に入るため、人気スマホになり、利用者がたくさんいます。ところが、科学技術の進歩とともに、いろいろな新しい携帯も絶え間なく出てきます。例を挙げれば。

iPhoneはiPhone 7/6s Plusを新機種として、開発して販売します。その故、好奇心でiPhone 7/6s Plusを利用してみたいと思った方も増えてくる一方です。使いやすさを求めるから、iPhone6s/6s Plusはより薄くなるし、より軽くなって、日常生活と密にかかわるスマホと言われます。

しかし、Sharp AquosからiPhone 7/6s Plusを乗り換える場合、それなりのデータ移行に悩まされる方もいるでしょう。Sharp AquosはAndroidを搭載されたことにひきかえ、iPhone7/6s Plusは独自なiOSシステムを搭載されます。全然違うOSですから、データを直接に移行しにくいと思われますが、できるわけではありません。現在、媒介物に束縛されないように、ファイルの共有を利用すれば、たとえ違うOSでもデータ移行に影響を及ぼさずにスムーズにできます。

iOSつけたiPhone 7/6s PlusはSharp Aquosと違い、クラウドというiPhoneだけに向ける媒介を利用しなくても、インタネット上のサーバに登録することでデータの読み込みできる機能があります。Sharp Aquosの場合、どうすればよいかと迷っているなら、本日Sharp AquosからデータをiPhone 7/6s Plusへ転送できる「googleドライブ」と「Mobileデータ移行(Win版)」を利用する方法を紹介させていただきます。

一つは「googleドライブ」を通じ、Sharp AquosからiPhone 7/6s Plusへデータを転送します


初めごろに、googleドライブにログインして、Sharp Aquosに保存するデータをバックアップします。それから、iPhone 7/6s Plusを通じ、googleドライブにも登録すれば、バックアップされたデータをそのまま直接に利用できます。

ここに注意すべきのはAndroidシステムは4.0以降のバージョンは必要な条件ですから、Sharp AquosからiPhone 7/6s Plusへデータを移行する前にチェックしてください。4.0以降のバージョンではないなら、更新すればいいです。

もう一つのは「Mobileデータ移行」により、Sharp AquosからiPhone 7/6s Plusへデータを移行する方法です




続きまして、USBケーブルでSharp AquosとiPhone 7/6s Plusの 2台デバイスをパソコンに接続します。接続する時、注意すべきのSharp Aquosをコピー元としてパソコンに繋ぎます。その反面、iPhone6s/6s Plusなどの新機種をコピー先として接続します。

もし、うっかりとSharp AquosとiPhone 7/6s Plusの接続する手順を間違いしたら、いらいらするまでもなく、コンテンツ上にある「入れ替える」ボタンをクリックすれば、正しく戻りますから。
パソコンに2台デバイスが検出された後、データは全て目の前に表示されるので、移したいデータの前にチェックマークを入れ、下の「コピー開始」という青いボタンをクリックすれば、Sharp AquosからiPhone6s/6s Plusへのデータ移行は自動的に始めます。データ転送が終わるまで少し時間かかるので、少々お待ちください。移行が完了すると、下にある「OK」をクリックしてください。これで、Sharp AquosからiPhone6s/6s Plusへのデータ移行は完全に終わります。

googleドライブより操作しやすいし、一一の動作は始めから終わりまでメイン画面にはっきりと見えるので、安心と思いませんか。前述の言った方法はいずれもSharp AquosからiPhone6s/6s Plusへデータを転送できるので、自分の場合によって、その相応しい方法を選んでください。

Sharp AquosにあるデータをiPhone 7/6s Plusへ転送することさえ、何でもできるような「Mobileデータ移行」はただいま、Windows版Mac版をお提供しておりますので、ご要望に応じるタイプを選んでください。実は、データ移行のみならず、写真のサイズを圧縮したり、写真・画像をクリアさせたりするなどの機能も付けるので、需要があれば、お試してください。

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