How to Sync Music from iPod to iPhone 5C by iPhone 5C File Manager

Recently, one of my friends bought a new iPhone 5C and wants to transfer her music files from iPod to the iPhone 5C. Since iTunes can only transfer files from iTunes to iPhone/iPod, a new method is needed. Since the number of iPod music is very large, a professional iPhone 5C files transfer program is needed eagerly. I think many people may have met the condition as my friend has. If you are still searching for such a tool from the Internet, you can learn more in the article.

I recommend you to try the tool – Wondershare TunesGo Retro, which enables you to transfer & sync music files from iPod to your iPhone 5C in just one click. What’s more, other files such as photos, video and more can also transfer among iPhone, iPad, iPod and PC with help of the iPhone 5C file manager tool. You can now download free trial version of both Windows version and the Mac version to have a try. Just choose to download the suitable version according to system of your computer.

Download TunesGo Retro(Windows Version) Download TunesGo Retro(Mac Version)

Only two steps to sync music from iPod to iPhone 5C by iPhone 5C files manager

Step 1: Launch iPhone 5C manager & connect both iPhone 5C, iPod to computer

At the very beginning, please install the Wondershare TunesGo Retro tool on your computer and run it by double clicking. Then please connect your two devices – iPhone 5C and iPod – to your computer via two USB cables. Once you do the connection, you two devices will be detected by the tool and then showed in the starting window. You can see your files in different categories in the right side column.

ipod to iphone 5c music transfer

Step 2: Sync music from iPod to iPhone 5C now

To bring up files from your iPod, please click on the triangle to the left side of “Your iPod”. In the pull-down list, please click to choose “Media” to bring up all Media files such as music, movies and audio books. You can then click “Music” to bring up all music files on your iPod. You can either select all music files or part of them to your iPhone 5C. Then just clock on the little inverted triangle under the “Export to” tab.

sync music from ipod to iphone 5c
You can then see a pull-down list under “Export to”, please choose your iPhone 5C as a destination device. The TunesGo Retro tool will start to transfer files for you then. Please wait for a few minutes, and the tool will finish transferring files for you automatically. You ought to keep your two devices connected to your computer during the whole process.

Note: The Wondershare TunesGo Retro works well with iDevice such as iPod touch and iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and more. It can not only transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS between iOS devices, but also between iOS devices, PC and iTunes.

Download TunesGo Retro(Windows Version) Download TunesGo Retro(Mac Version)