Photos to iPad Air 2: How to Transfer Pictures from PC to iPad Air 2

Yesterday, I bought a new iPad Air 2. I was so excited about the advanced iPad and can’t help trying the wireless function. To experience the function better, I need to transfer photos from my computer to the iPad Air in batch. Since I have saved some interesting videos and contacts to my new iPad, I cannot turn to iTunes for help since that will erase all my existing data. Is there some method to help me?


Indeed, the brand-new iPad Air 2 makes many people fantastic and owns much funs. If you are one of them, you may encounter the same problem: how to transfer photos from a PC to iPad Air 2 in an easy way. As we all know, iTunes helps less in the condition and will even delete existing files in our iPad Air when sync iPad Air 2 to iTunes, we need to find another way to complete the task.

In fact, here is a very useful iPad Air Photos Manager program for you. The useful program is called TunesGo Retro. With help of the iPad Air Pictures Manager program, you can easily transfer your photos from PC to iPad Air without data loss.

Don’t worry about how to handle the iPad Air Photos Manager tool. Here I will show you how to accomplish the task with TunesGo Retro step by step. Just follow me to transfer photos and other files you need from your computer to iPad Air. You can now download free trial version of the tool to have a try. Please download either the Windows version or Mac version according to system of your computer and install it then.

Download TunesGo Retro(Windows Version) Download TunesGo Retro(Mac Version)

Simple steps to sync photos from computer to iPad Air 2 by TunesGo:

Step 1: Launch the iPad Air Photos Manager tool & connect iPad Air 2 to computer

To start with, you need to connect your iPad Air to your computer via a USB cable. Few seconds later, you can see your iPad Air displayed in the starting window, you can click to check your files in the window.

sync Photos to ipad air
As you can see, all files on your device are displayed in the different categories. In order to transfer photos later, please click “Photos” in the left side column to bring up the photos window.

Step 2: Transfer pictures from PC to iPad Air 2 now

In the photo window, please click “New” button on the top. You can then add new photos from your computer into the prompted window. Please locate a place on your computer that saves your photos and then choose the photos you want to transfer to your iPad Air.

Photos to iPad Air
The time you need to wait varies according to numbers of photos you want to transfer. Later, you can check your photos on your iPad Air 2 in a larger and clearer screen. You can even share them with your friends via some apps.

Want to have a try? You can now purchase the program at a lower price. Just join us to experience more about the program. You will find the iPad Air Manager program – Wondershare TunesGo Retro very useful even in managing all your files in iPad Air on computer.

Download TunesGo Retro(Windows Version) Download TunesGo Retro(Mac Version)